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Who We Are

Our Firm

Our company operates in Hotel Textile, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Agriculture and Foreign Trade sectors.


Hotel Textiles sector fulfils a large portion of production in the world Towels Turkey. Our company uses this power of our country positively in this sector.


Our company produces in the cosmetics sector with our own brands and different concepts.


We also attach great importance to our e-commerce activities. We continue to sell our products both in our local brand and e-commerce page in 11 countries we open in and Amazon.


In the agricultural sector, we attach importance to natural seed. Our research is aimed at packing and selling natural seeds.


AYAN mainly from Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania, the countries we are supplying a variety of products including, but not limited thereto, and all European countries.


We aim to meet all the needs of our customers and establish a strong business relationship with competitive pricing and superior customer service with our company's many years of experience, professional and experienced staff of our organization and our excellent manufacturer network.


While creating added value for our country, we touch the lives of thousands of people with the goal of becoming a global company.

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