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Financial Consultancy


AYAN Independent Accounting Financial Consultancy Limited Company was established in 1999 to meet the need for institutionalization with the initiatives of Mehmet Ayan, who has been continuing his Financial Consultancy professional activity since 1972.


Our Company's Customer Focused Service Standards; Commitment to professional principles is Reliability and Honesty.

We provide high-quality services in tax, finance and business management in a secure accounting process for our customers to maintain efficient business life.

Hotel Textile Supply


Well, we have also a story as anyone else does.

In this story, we united different work and life experiences of several years under the roof of “Ayan”. Every day we are running after our dreams with passion and a new lease of life. Our common passion is to provide you with the best quality products with the best prices.


Foreign Trade Consultancy



Today's competitive market conditions and frequently changing customer demands lead the structures in the retail sector to alternative solutions. For this reason, supplier choices for increasing the profitability ratios are in the foreground.

AYAN is committed to ensuring that the manufacturers and suppliers that will provide products for their brands are experts in innovative, quality products and extremely fast in the field of service. It chooses products and companies that will provide satisfaction based on the principle of maximum benefit.



Our company is in the cosmetics sector producing Perfume, Ambient Fragrances and Skin Care products.


We distribute and sell our products through our overseas subsidiaries in Europe. Our cosmetic products have the necessary permissions in Europe.



No work can be compared to a work which has been done with love.

Our life becomes more meaningful as we live the good and the bad with all emotions. And as to us, being the Bondori Family, we carry on this way.

We try to reach you out for sharing anything about life, about the emotions. We share our products with you from our textile brand Ange Blanc, our gift brand Gift House, and our traditional arts and handcraft brand.



Our company is a supplier of Textile Dyes, Textile Chemicals and Cosmetic Chemicals.

​ ​

We export our chemicals, which we produce with the R&D work of our company, primarily to India and Bangladesh.

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