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Foreign Trade & Consultancy

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Today's competitive market conditions and frequently changing customer demands lead the structures in the retail sector to alternative solutions. For this reason, supplier choices for increasing the profitability ratios are in the foreground.

AYAN, is committed to ensuring that the manufacturers and suppliers that will provide products for their brands are experts in innovative, quality products and extremely fast in the field of service. It chooses products and companies that will provide satisfaction based on the principle of maximum benefit.

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Sales & Marketing

AYAN is engaged in sales and marketing activities in different foreign markets, cultures and risk environments with its new business models and flexible organizational structure.

AYAN provides business development, sales and marketing services to product and service provider companies in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South America markets. This service includes foreign investment, special exports, product imports, creation of distribution channels and consultancy services.

AYAN is the supplier of global companies that supply goods and services through central purchasing in addition to the markets in which it operates.

Business Development

Taking into consideration the increasing volume of trade in the Central Avrupa and Balkan countries, our business unit, which wants to take advantage of the opportunities there, aims to have a say in these markets.


AYAN, its representative offices in key countries such as Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Greece and Germany, and their effective activities in these and neighbouring countries, allows for timely and timely monitoring of developments in the region.


Business Development focuses on Hotel textile, cosmetic, food,  and other new investment projects.

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